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Training Practice

GP Registrars

Millbarn is a training practice and has been involved with the training of GPs on the Bucks GPVTS training scheme for over 30 years. Doctors wanting to enter General Practice will therefore spend 6 to 12 months with us as part of the GP training. 

You may be offered an appointment with one of our registrar doctors. GP registrars are fully qualified and are registered doctors on the GMC list. They are currently on a 3 year GP registration course which includes an attachment to a practice under a supervising qualified GP. This is similar to hospitals where you will often see registrars in their specific specialty.

To enable the registrars to develop their skills, you may be asked to complete a patient questionnaire and potentially have consultations videoed. You will always be asked for consent prior to being involved in this. 

Dr Kinsey and Dr Bach are currently GP trainers and all trainees are closely supervised by them and our GPs. We take great pride in our training practice status and view GP training as a whole practice activity.


As a training practice, we occasionally have students sit in with the doctors and other healthcare professionals. If you prefer not to have a student sit in, please let the doctor or receptionist know