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Emma Pamington (f)

Paramedics work in a variety of roles within a general practice. Their background in pre- hospital care means that they are used to working with people with a variety of health conditions from coughs and minor injuries to more serious conditions such as asthma and heart attacks. They work alongside GPs and help manage routine or urgent appointments, as well as telephone triage (assessment of urgency of illness or injury) and home visits.

They also offer;

  • Assessment and triage of patients, including same day triage and as appropriate providing definite treatment;
  • Advising patients on general healthcare and promoting self-management;
  • Performing specialist health checks and reviews, performing and interpreting ECG’s, undertaking investigatory procedures, they can even perform a blood test. If a patient has more complicated problems paramedics can ask for the GP or another specialist to attend to support an appropriate clinical decision.